Welcome :

I am a Lifestyle Blogger who battles with Mental Health Disorders (Manic Depression + Anxiety + PTSD) I write to be a voice for those who can not voice their needs easily & to shed light on the truths of living with Mental Health Disorders. To break the stigma around Mental Health. To share my journey from dysfunction to thriving functional person who battles Mental Health Disorders. This blog covers a variety of topics *but not limited to* Motherhood, Mental Health, Personal Development & Much more. I am NOT a therapist or medical professional, I am an expert through my 13+ years of personal experience with my own Mental Health Disorders. 

I created this beautiful blog as a tool for healing and changing lives. This blog is a part of who I am and if you have found your way here let me say Welcome! I have battled with Manic Depression, Anxiety & PTSD for 20 years of my life – now at 26 life has truly begun to shift completely. I have more information About Me and my past, present and future. I am also excited to announce that I am writing a book that comes out Spring 2017! Where I share my history and look at the points in my life that I learned the deepest lessons, I pull the self-help tips from those moments to share with you. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences as well, be sure to check out the Blog and you can follow me on social Media as well.